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One Less Day Til Football, No. 84, Drew Moulton


So I drank every night this quarter, with the exception of two nights I had papers to write (and even then had some nice beers to study with) and didn't really pay attention to my classes, even though I was taking two 300-level English classes and two other classes, a full courseload. The result? A THREE POINT FREAKIN SEVEN, good enough for any Dean's List and significantly higher than any of the other 11 quarters I experienced, let alone my actual cumulative GPA. Students, draw from this your own conclusions about how to study.

No. 84, Drew Moulton, junior, wide receiver

Who he be: Drew isn't your tallest wide receiver at 5-foot-11, but he's fast and has shown through limited action in games and spring ball that he's capable of reeling in catches. The junior saw his first real playing time last season, and had four receptions for 40 yards. He was only a two-star recruit out of Midland High in Michigan@ and I can't find any evidence of other schools looking at him, but he turned a few heads with his speed earlier in his career, although it hasn't yet turned into major on-field contributions.

Random song/story: "Closer to God", Nine Inch Nails: When I was in high school, we had a teacher named Drew. He was tiny and friendly, and somewhere along the line me and a friend started singing songs about him, generally replacing the word "you" with "Drew". Some of these made sense - "I... I'm so in love with Drew" - some were modestly grammatically incorrect - "Drew remind me of a girl/that I/once Drew" - and some of them just made no sense whatsoever - "Drewwwww are Drew... Drew Drew/Drew Drew" - but the one that disturbed and entertained us the most was clearly "Closer to God" by Nine Inch Nails. I think you can figure out why:

Note: I'm not endorsing this song, and in fact I think it's awful.

Player profile page tidbits: Drew Moulton tells the saddest story I've ever heard:

Q: Something people would be surprised to know about me is:
A: I pitched in the Little League World Series Regional Final when I was 12 and didn't get a single batter out and let up six runs. We lost the game and a trip to the Little League World Series.


Looking forward: Moulton seems like the type of player who could contribute for NU due to his speed, but it's hard not to see him a little bit squeezed out of playing time at Northwestern's deepest position. Luckily for Moulton, the majority of NU's receiving talent are taller players who seem best suited for outside positions, whereas Moulton's size and speed would always cast him as more of a Jeremy Ebert/Zeke Markshausen type. This year, I see him as a backup to Demetrius Fields at a slot position,