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Northwestern Adds Stanford Transfer Quinn Evans

Sry I'm a few days late, this happened Monday, but I've pretty much been drunk the whole time, so sometimes I forget to do things.

Anyway, great news from Northwestern: with Jordan Mabin, Brian Peters, and Jeravin Matthews - aka, three of Northwestern's four starters in a poor secondary unit - graduating, Northwestern has an even poorer secondary unit. But guess what! Stanford cornerback Quinn Evans will be joining the Cats for one year as a grad student in a very Swoppy move.

To be perfectly honest, Northwestern needed this. The presumptive starters at CB are Daniel Jones and Demetrius Dugar, the safeties are Ibraheim Campbell, and, well, I'm not really sure. Davion Fleming? Teams are going to pass all over Northwestern next season. Evans didn't have the most productive career in Palo Alto - he redshirted, started one game as a freshman, played mainly special teams as a sophomore, and was hurt all last year and he's using his last year of eligibility at NU - but it's still hard not to see this as a good thing. Evans should provide, well, something to one of Northwestern's weakest units.