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One Less Day Til Football, No. 77, Kenton Playko, No. 76, Eric Olson

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A special double-trouble edition of the countdown today - I have some numbers to knock off, and both today's participants are true freshman offensive tackles, so we don't know much about them. Got a problem with it? Really? I mean, that's sort of a weird thing to have a problem with. It's just more stuff for you to read.

No. 76, Eric Olson, freshman, Sudbury, Mass.

No. 77, Kenton Playko, freshman, Lewis Center, Ohio

Who they be: So these guys are pretty overwhelmingly similar. They're both three-star offensive tackle recruits. In fact, ESPN had Playko as the No. 55 offensive tackle recruit and Olson as the No. 56. I wouldn't be surprised to find out they each share the same quirks, like watching B-movies on Netflix Tuesday night and flipping out when someone says the word "guesstimate". Anyway, yeah!

Eric Olson's of note: Eric T. Olson, naval commander, Eric T. Olson, philosopher, Eric Olson, Saints' center, Eric Olsen, NCIS actor, and Erik Olson, Swedish painter.

More fun things than Kenton Playko:



Tyler Palko

Northwestern football players, sorted by occurrences of the letter "K" in their name:

1. Jack Konopka, SB, 3

T2. Kenton Playko, OL, Zak Kucera, P, 2

T3. Everybody else on the roster whose name has the letter "K" in it

T4: Everybody else on the roster whose name doesn't have the letter "K" in it

Looking forward: It's especially rare to see true freshman o-linemen break in - the only one I can recall is Patrick Ward - so this year is probably just getting more muscle for these two.