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One Less Day Til Football, No. 75, Jack Konopka


The NBA Finals are over, which means... (peers into the nothingness that is baseball and only baseball from now until the Olympics) welp. I eagerly await the "LeBron onsidered coming to Northwestern" story that made us so happy when there was one about Dirk around this time last year.

No. 75, Jack Konopka, sophomore, offensive

Who he be: Last year, Jack was a true freshman who worked his way into the rotation at superback, playing in every game. You might remember him from his key role in the most interesting series of all time against Nebraska, where he a) caught a 20-yard touchdown pass on a trick play b) had the 20-yard touchdown pass called back because the trick play wasn't executed right and he was technically the right tackle and therefore not allowed to catch a pass and then c) got injured two plays later while Kain Colter was scoring a touchdown. Konopka only had one not-called-back pass on the year, but it was impressive to see him playing as a true freshman. That said, that'll probably be the last catch of his NU career, as he's been shifted to right guard. He was listed as an offensive tackle out of high school and drew offers from schools like Oregon, Illinois, and Purdue, so the line won't be a new thing for him.

Random song I felt like posting: "Shiraz", Action Bronson (Obviously NSFW lyrics): I've been listening to a pretty absurd amount of Action Bronson the past few days, and you probably should too! (Seriously, if five of you guys listen to that Action Bronson song that have never heard of him before, I'll feel I did my job as a blogger today.)

Looking forward: Konopka's switch to guard actually puts him in a position to play probably a little bit less than he did this last season out at superback. He'll be backing up Neil Deiters - I find it unlikely the sophomore pushes the senior for a starting spot, but you never know - whereas he would've been essentially the most experienced tight end-type player at SB and certainly a factor on goal line sets. But he's at guard, and there's no reason to expect him not to play, although he does have a redshirt year left.