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College Football Has a Playoff, Northwestern's Got Jokes

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So it's official! The BCS is dead and a four-team college football playoff will skitter gleefully from its ashes. This is great news for college football fans!

However, not really for Northwestern fans. By my count, Northwestern has been one of the top four teams in the country at the end of the season once - once, 1995 - in the modern history of the sport. In fact, in what we call the post-dark ages era of Northwestern football, Northwestern would have been one of the top four teams in its conference only six out of 17 times, including two times we tied for fourth. So while a college football playoff is smart, and good for the sport, it will effect us as NU fans once in a blue moon or so, considerably less if you're talking about the faux-craft beer Coors makes that is actually quite good, although don't give me an orange with it, because oranges are gross.

But hey, just the fact that this doesn't help at all didn't stop me from trying to make the best out of the situation. Let's make fun of ourselves so nobody else can do it for us!

  • Oh, great, that's makes TWO playoff systems Northwestern hasn't qualified for.
  • Can't they expand the field to 68 teams? The we swear we'll make it, in like 2074.
  • So, wait, does this mean that the Meineke Car Care bowl of Texas is COMPLETELY MEANINGLESS?
  • Northwestern should be fine, as long as we don't have to win a bowl game to qualify.

I figure that should get the ball rolling - what do you guys have?