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Northwestern's Matt Grevers Qualifies For 2012 London Olympics In 100m Back

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Northwestern already had one alum qualified for the 2012 London Olympics in wrestler Jake Herbert, and now, we have two: Matt Grevers will be returning for his second Olympic Games after winning the U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials final in the 100m backstroke, nearly breaking Aaron Peirsol world record in the process.

Grevers won two golds in Beijing, as his participation in heats for two American teams that ended up winning gold earned him gold medals. But he has yet to win an individual gold, as he won a silver behind Peirsol's gold in the 100m backstroke. But now Peirsol is retired, leaving Grevers possibly the best swimmer in the world in that race. We'll see if he brings home the gold in August.

Also, there's no comfortable way to say this, but Grevers is 6-foot-8 and absolutely jacked and it's really intimidating.

In sad news, Alex Marcotullio didn't make the final round of cuts for the Great Britain men's basketball team, so there's that.