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One Less Day Til Football, No. 68, Connor Mahoney

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It's John Shurna day! Somebody draft John Shurna!

No. 68, Connor Mahoney, DL, Freshman

Who he be: Connor is a freshman defensive lineman from Malvern, PA. He was looked at as an offensive guard by some people, but Northwestern brought him in to play defensive tackle. He earned three stars out of HS and had offers from a confusing range of schools: Missouri, Tulane, Villanova, Princeton, Yale, and Harvard. Yeah, Mizzou, not sure how they got in there.

Northwestern doesn't have a No. 69 on their roster: :(

Very much not random song of the day: "Sex Syrup", Slick Mahony ft. Yung Humma

I've pretty much been waiting for three years to post a Turquoise Jeep video on the site, and today was that day. #keepthejeepridin

Looking forward: Connor probably won't play this year at DT, as NU has depth at the position and Mahoney will probably redshirt. Sry. But he's a good prospect for the future! So there!