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John Shurna NBA Draft Thread!

Most people probably put up their NBA Draft open threads before the draft starts or something. So far Anthony Davis is off the board, and - let me check - John Shurna is still available. And probably will be for about four hours, if not, going into the free agency process. My hope is Shurna gets selected tonight, and to be honest, it's not the most unlikely thing. Even if he doesn't get drafted, he's going somewhere in the next few days.

But anyway, I'm watching the draft right now, and I assume some of you are as well, so if you are, come talk with me about dumb stuff in the comments section. Well, we'll talk about dumb stuff for several hours, and then we'll go absolutely nuts in the slim chance that John Shurna gets selected by somebody towards the end of the night. Then things will get nuts and I'll be the first to post about it. Let's do it y'all!