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John Shurna Went Undrafted :(


So 60 picks came, and 60 picks went, and nobody selected Northwestern's John Shurna, continuing Northwestern's 13-year-long drought in terms of getting players drafted. 'Twas a bummer to watch.

But the road for Shurna doesn't end here. As WCGrad noted in the comments, it's probably best for a player to go undrafted than to be selected in the last 10-15 picks, where teams are likely to stash players and sometimes even forget about them. This leaves Shurna the option to sign with a team that he feels gives him the best chane to make a roster. Summer league is in a few weeks, and we'll found out where he will play before that, assuming he decides to play in summer league. And if not, he's probably off to carve out a European career. Shurna's NBA chances definitely don't look spiffy right now, but he still has a shot to make a roster, and if not, he's a very, very talented player for a European league. (I don't see him going to the D-League, but that's just me.)

So, that's that. Best of luck to Drew Crawford next year.