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One Less Day Til Football Season, No. 67, Sean McEvilly

John Shurna didn't get drafted, but we're still going to keep doing our thing. In this case, "our thing" refers to disliking the Portland Trail Blazers for drafting Meyers Leonard and continuing to dislike the Boston Celtics for drafting Jared Sullinger. Funny how that works out, that the two players we all liked the least were the first two players off the board in the conference, huh? It's almost like we're jealous of the success of others. Or that all sports are run by some Northwestern-hating deity who loves trolling. I think that's the more likely one.

No. 67, Sean McEvilly, DT, Sophomore

Who he be: Sean is a sophomore defensive tackle from Yorba Linda, California - the home of Richard Nixon, y'all! He had three stars as an offensive lineman/defensive lineman out of high school, earning offers from places like Colorado State, Duke, Fresno State, San Diego State, and, uh, Northwestern. He's only played in one game - last year, vs. Eastern Illinois - and didn't record any stats, so, not much to write on there.

Potential name-based career paths for Sean: Irish cousin of Austin Powers supervillain Dr. Evil

Irish Tupac cover artist, specializing of his work released under the name "Makaveli"

Nothing else

Random song of the day: "To Live and Die in LA", Tupac Shakur

It's really a perfect combo: this song is off of the album released as Makaveli - Tupac's first posthumous album, The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory - but it's also about the place McEvilly lives in the suburbs of. Basically, this is my way of endorsing "Makaveli" as a nickname for a backup Northwestern defensive lineman, and I totally should go through and do this for all of them, huh? (So far, I just have "Slick Mahoney" for Connor Mahoney and that's it.)

Lack of a photo: Sorry, nobody - not even Italian rugby doctors - apparently has the last name "McEvilly".

Looking forward: Sean's got some names to battle on the depth chart - Will Hampton, Brian Arnfelt, Chance Carter, and C.J. Robbins. I don't see him making an immediate impact in his junior season, but he might get some playing time.