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'Cruitin: Milos Kostic Decommits? G Brad North, WR Macan Wilson Commit

I'll have more One Less Day posts next week - school! I'm done with school! - but for now, some news!

Anyway, there's good and bad news on the recruiting fronts. In basketball, Milos Kostic - who, for you six degrees of separation fans, is on the same AAU team as NU commit Alex Olah, who went to the same high school as the now-famous Mislav Brzoja - decommitted from NU today, per Chris Emma. Emma reports that it was Northwestern's decision to keep Kostic from coming to NU rather than the other way around - we wonder if this is another example of the dreaded grades monster keeping talented European-turned-American ballers from coming to NU.

On the football front, a pair of Texan football players decided to come to NU, three-star guard Brad North, who picked NU over San Diego State, and two-star wide receiver Macan Wilson. NU's inroads into that state are starting to get pretty dope.

So, that's that. In other news, I'm done with school and should be drinking now.