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The New Orleans Hornets Have The Wrong Specs On Michael "Juice" Thompson

I miss using photos of Juice.
I miss using photos of Juice.

The New Orleans Hornets have former Northwestern PG Michael "Juice" Thompson on their Summer League roster, which is great! He won't play against John Shurna's SummerHawks, but he's a SummerHornet, and that's good enough for me. We can probably thank New Orleans GM/Tre Demps' dad for giving a Northwestern PG who has played with his son a bit an opportunity at the SummerNBA level.

However, it looks like the Hornets might have the wrong guy:


No, Juice Thompson is not a 6-foot-10, 250 pound center born in December 11, 1983. He is like, 5-foot-9 and 180 pounds. We know this is Juice because he did play for the Frankfurt Skyliners last year - as his player profile says, In Frankfurt trifft der Point Guard auf einen alten Bekannten. In seinen vier Jahren an der Northwestern University spielte Thompson - and because he's been tweeting about it.

It's obviously somewhat confusing. There's Michael Thompson, then there was Mike Thompson, who played at Northwestern after transferring from Duke, not to mention Minnesota great Mychal Thompson or his son Mychel Thompson, who played for Pepperdine before a cup of coffee with the Cavs last year and is currently on the Knicks' summer league roster, plus, there's a golfer named Michael Thompson and dozens more inactive athletes of the same name. But which Thompson is this?

My initial thought was that the Hornets meant Northwestern's first Michael Thompson, and that appears to be the case: that Thompson was listed as 6-foot-10, 250 pounds. But his birthday wasn't December 11, 1983 - it was December 9, 1983. Was there another mystery Thompson born two days earlier? Is this all some evil plan of Dell Demps' to clog the NBA with Thompsons? The world may never know. All we know is the Hornets are giving Juice a shot, so good for him.