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One Less Day Til Football Season, No. 53, Geoff Mogus

Sometimes, there's really no photos you can use.
Sometimes, there's really no photos you can use.

I hope you guys like waiting, because that's what July is all about. Waiting for responses from opposing bloggers, waiting for Under Armour to come out with new uniforms, waiting for the NCAA to decide whether Kyle Prater can play for Northwestern next season. July! The sports equivalent of... well, nothing.

No. 53, Geoff Mogus, RS Freshman, OL

Who he be: Damn, Northwestern apparently lines up all its redshirt freshman people with not that many exciting things to say about them one right after the other in the mid-50's. Well, anyway, Geoff is a redshirt freshman offensive lineman! He went to St. Edward in Ohio, which is a good place to go for football. The 6-foot-5, 280 pounder had three stars out of high school and turned down offers from Illinois, Vandy, West Virginia, and some MACcers to come to NU. He's the only redshirt freshman on Northwestern's 12-man leadership council, so there's that!

Terrible nicknames for Geoff Mogus, from best to worst: "Bogus Mogus"

"Mogus Operandi"

"Hocus Pocus Mogus"

"The Mogue"

"Magic Mogus"

"Mogie Blaylock"


Looking forward: Well, like every other redshirt freshman offensive lineman, I can say that I'm not really sure if he'll have a role. There's a lot of more experienced, stronger guys ahead of him, namely Brian Mulroe and Neal Deiters at the guard spot.