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One Less Day Til Football Season, No. 52, Chris Fitzpatrick

Chris Fitzpatrick does this.
Chris Fitzpatrick does this.

Hey, you notice this "two posts a day" thing? We're going to try to keep it up. So, basically, if you come here and see a post, don't think there won't be another one later! And scroll down if you've already read something! Later we'll be discussing something cool going on at the dot-com.

No. 52, Chris Fitzpatrick, freshman, long snapper

Who he be: Chris was universally regarded as one of the best snappers in the country in the class of 2012 - Scout had him at No. 3, ESPN at No. 6. Long snappers are more and more likely to get scholarships nowadays, and indeed, Fitzpatrick earned an offer from Northwestern. He even had a highlight video, yes, of him snapping. He's one of two players on the roster from Kentucky.

Players on Northwestern's roster who are most likely to have wanted to go to Notre Dame: Chris Fitzpatrick

Steve Flaherty

Mike McHugh

(Honorary mention: Pat Fitzgerald)

How badly would Chris Fitzpatrick get his ass kicked?: Probably worse than those little Limp Bizkit bastards.

Paraphrased highlight from a drunken conversation with a Northwestern football player who recognized me from Twitter and practice at McGee's: (I frequently have conversations like this, but identities will always be protected because I'm not a jerk) "I don't know how you guys do it, man. I mean, like LONG SNAPPING. Everybody, like assumes that's really easy, but, like, I screwed up a few snaps as the center on my IM football team. I can't even do that.

Looking forward: Pat Hickey is the incumbent, and he's a senior, so he'll probably continue snapping this year while Fitzpatrick will likely be the long snapper from 2013-2016.