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Kain Colter Is Mad He's A Ginger In NCAA '13

Looks white to me.
Looks white to me.

This happened yesterday, but it was funny enough that it warrants a post today, possibly the greatest NU athlete twitter interaction I've been able to bear witness to: Kain Colter bought NCAA 13 yesterday, and he was disappointed with the way that Northwestern's starting quarterback was represented in the game.

Of course, it's not actually meant to be Colter - just a quarterback from Colorado who wears No. 2 for Northwestern and happens to have similar attributes - but still, Colter was irked. I always wonder which athletes get a huge rush out of buying video games and playing as themselves - aka, the first thing I would do if I was a successful athlete - and apparently, Colter was one of them.

However, his roommate, wide receiver Tony Jones, decided to poke fun at him for the injustice of being made video game soulless:

Kain was prepared with a return zing, tho:

So I guess Jones won't be one of those guys playing as themselves in the game. Hah.

Anyway, this all comes back to the point that I have to buy NCAA 13 and lead Kain Colter and the Fighting Irish Wildcats to the promised land. Provided he never throws to Tony Jones.