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One Less Day Til Football, No. 62, Taylor Paxton

You guys like these, right? If stereotyping and Pitbull can't get you to comment, I'm starting to wonder if you and I maybe should just stop seeing each other.

No. 62, Taylor Paxton, OL, junior

Who be be: Paxton is a junior offensive guard for the Wildcats who has only seen action in two games through his first three seasons of eligibility. He was a three-star recruit out of high school - Cherry Creek in Englewood, Colorado, same school as Kain Colter - but didn't have a lot of offers.

Player profile tidbits: Don't mess with Taylor Paxton in the 30 seconds after he leaves the locker room:

Q: My favorite pregame ritual is:
A: The last two songs I listen to before I head to the field: "The Game" by Motorhead -- I've always like pro wrestling and it's one of the wrestler's intro songs. It gets me fired up to go out into the arena. And "The Ka Mate Haka" -- it's a war chant the New Zealand rugby team always chants before a match and it gets me really fired up.

Jesus. The haka. I've always argued Northwestern could use some Maori tribesmen on the squad, but I guess this is the next best thing.

Looking forward: Brian Mulroe and Neal Deiters should be the two starters at the two guard spots, but I'd guess Paxton will be the next player at one spot with a likely starting gig next season if he progresses this year.