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One Less Day Til Football, No. 44, Chi Chi Ariguzo

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Today's a good day, because it's CHI CHI DAY!

No. 44, Chi Chi Ariguzo, Sophomore, Linebacker

Who he be: Chi Chi! Chi Chi is a 6-foot-3 strong side linebacker whose name is Chi Chi. He had offers from Wisconsin, Stanford, Illinois, Minnesota, and others! His name is Chi Chi! (His actual name is Ikechi.) He played a lot last year as a redshirt freshman, including a start against Penn State and a performance against Army where he arcked - I meant to type "racked", but "arcked" seems like a cool new word" - up nine tackles. I don't specifically remember him doing anything good, but remembered thinking he was the best, probably because his name was Chi Chi.

Awful nicknames roundup: I'd been meaning to come up with terrible nicknames for every player, but sorta lost my steam after "Mogus Operandi." (Chi Chi doesn't really need one.) Anyway, here's some from the last batch, suggestions, of course, are accepted. (every correct nickname usage in a game thread earns four SoP points - 500 SoP points can be redeemed at the end of every fiscal year for SoP SuperPoints, which are worthless.)

Collin Ellis: "LLLL Cool J"

Damien Proby: "The Probe" - so little you can do this one, and yet so much

Troy Sheppard: "The Bad Shepherd (who doesn't play that much)"


Brandon Williams: Pretty much anything besides "B-Will" is acceptable here.

Timmy "Mount" Vernon

Chris Fitzpatrick "Fitzgerald"

Jamaicans may sound like they're being fun and happy and nice when they are violently homophobic, but that doesn't make it cool:

Last important fact about Chi Chi Ariguzo: His name is still really fun to say along to the tune of "Teach Me How To Dougie", with nobody else on the team even being close. First person to come up with a cover of "Teach Me How To Dougie" about Chi Chi Ariguzo wins 1000 SoP points.

Looking forward: I expect Cheech to have a very similar role to the one he had last year. I think the starting spots are locked down, but there will be a decent amount of rotation and Chi Chi will have a chance to contribute.