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One Less Day Til Football Season, No. 43, Tim Riley

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I can't take weekends off in this thing anymore - not that many open numbers between No. 43 and No. 1, y'all! So expect these theses erry day. Luke Donald is, uh, 10-ish back at the British Open, so that's probably not going to happen. I'm actually kind of a little bit confused how he's the World No. 1 golfer without ever having won a major, but whatevs.

No. 43, Tim Riley, junior, superback

Who he be: Tim was a two-star linebacker outta Oswego who didn't have any offers from any schools besides Northwestern. Riles spent two and a half years at Northwestern as a linebacker, but switched this past season to superback, where he filled a fullback-esque role. I'd guess NU found him a tad slow for the LB slot, but at 6-foot-3, 220 pounds, he packs enough of a punch to block sufficiently. He's arguably the most efficient player on either end of the ball in Northwestern history: he recorded three tackles as a linebacker, one of which was a forced fumble on special teams, and his only reception thus far as a superback was a reasonably spectacular tumbling touchdown grab against Texas A&M in this year's bowl game: with NU down 15, Kain Colter found him on the side of the end zone, and he kept both feet down as Colter put the ball a little bit too far past his outside shoulder.

Watch out, purple league:

Q: If I were not playing football, I would be:
A: Playing intramural sports

Will the real Tim Riley please stand up:

Q: Name five favorite songs (and artist) on your I-Pod:
A: Till' I Collapse - Eminem; Forever -- Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Eminem; Not Afraid -- Eminem; Many Men -- 50 Cent; No Love -- Eminem, Lil Wayne

That's four songs featuring Eminem and one song by Eminem protegé 50 Cent, "Many Men", which featured Eminem as a producer. His favorite movie is 8 Mile, and his favorite comedy is probably that one scene in Funny People where a fat Eminem tells Adam Sandler that he should've let himself die and then yells at Ray Romano.

Looking forward: Expect to see Riley in goal line sets, alongside a running back, two tight ends, and Tyris Jones. Also expect for him only to catch touchdowns and tackle people for forced fumbles, because that's sustainable and stuff.