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One Less Day Til Football: Nos. 42 and 41, Joseph Jones and Doug Diedrick


Summer league is over y'all! We'll post something on that probs tomorrow, and you will read it and you will like it. Today we'll have two players to make things easier down the line

No. 42, Joseph Jones, freshman, safety

No. 41, Doug Diedrick, RS freshman, linebacker

Who they be: Today, we have a pair of players who had limited options coming out of high school: Jones was a two-star running back from Plano who didn't have any other offers and will play safety for Northwestern - he was a state champ in hurdles, though, so, y'know, he's fast - and Diedrick is a 5-foot-10 linebacker who walked on at NU. I can't tell from his player profile whether or not Double-J, as I call him, also played safety in high school. Incidentally, this is one of the first times I decided to watch a highlight video of one of the players I'm writing about - something I'm totally going to do all the time from here on out - and he only plays a little safety but he does score a bunch of touchdowns against people who are way slower than him and probably didn't get scholarships anyplace.

A brief re-check of Yotuube makes it look like the dudes most likely to put up highlight video are people with less of a chance of getting scholarships.

Proposed awful nicknames: Jo-Jo, Mr. Deeds

Notable Joseph Joneses: Too many to count, but my favorite is the recent Texas A&M basketball player whose middle name appears to be CostelloReshawn.

Dearly departed: Let's take a moment to remember the most recent players to wear both numbers, Kevin Watt and Quentin Davie. Watt was a defensive end who racked up 21 starts at the position, including most of the 2010 campaign, spending this past year as a nice third option behind Vince Browne and Tyler Scott. His future football career will likely be in the form of Kain Colter's likeness in NCAA Football 13.

Davie, of course, was a three-year starter at outside linebacker. He had really nice years in 2008 and 2009, putting together a combined 8.5 sacks and 21 TFL's. His senior campaign started off nicely as well, as he recorded three picks in the first three games, and he closed it off nicely with a career-high in tackles in the TicketCity Bowl. Davie was 6-foot-4 with decent speed and size, something NU tried to get out of other linebackers with varying success. His skillset wasn't exactly cut out for the next level - he had a brief stint with the Detroit Lions in summer workouts and found his way onto a few CFL rosters, but didn't get any playing time.

I'm also just realizing I forgot to write about Nate Williams the other day. Dammit.

Looking forward: Neither of these dudes are likely to play this year, but, whatevs.