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SPONSORED POST: Hopes For Video Game Northwestern

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So, I'm honestly going to go buy NCAA Football 13. In all honesty, nobody told me to write that or anything - I just really want the game. I just got an XBox a few weeks ago for graduating/having a birthday, or something, and I don't have any games where I can destroy people while playing as a team in purple yet, unless I have the urge to start a dynasty with the Sacramento Kings, which, interestingly enough, I don't, so it's time for me to go buy a college football game.

So here's what I want to do:

Nothing realistic: Some people like playing sports video games for the challenge. I don't. I plan on winning, and winning a lot, even if that means playing on a relatively low difficulty level. I figure if I start as Northwestern in the 2012 season, I'll get a few games of learning curve, as NU's out-of-conference schedule is definitely easier than the B1G slate, and by the time I've gone 4-0 against South Dakota and pals, I'll be decent enough at the game to throw jump balls to Kyle Prater all day long. NU will win a Rose Bowl in year one, I promise you. And compete for a Natty in years soon after.

See which Northwestern player is most likely to win a Heisman: The last NU football game I had was '09 for Playstation 2, my first year at college. Unsurprisingly, every goal line possession NU had ended up with a play action pass to the fullback, which always worked on PS2, and Mark Woodsum ended up bringing home the Heisman. My hope is that the game has a certain superback in it - since he's in a video game, this is the Fake Real Evan Watkins - and that I can audible to tight end two-yard button hooks every time I get near the goal line. I see 24 touchdowns in his near future.

Putting New York Knick legend Charlie Ward on Northwestern: He can mentor Kain Colter - I see similarities in their games.

Pretend that Ryan Field is actually full for home games: Wow! The crowd sure is packed for Northwestern-Vanderbilt before school starts! Surprised so few Nebraska fans made the drive from Lincoln!

Get absolutely sick of the Northwestern fight song: The fight song is exciting to hear when it happens when Northwestern scores, which happens five or six times on average, I'd guess, per home game, which happen for three hours every two weeks or so during a few months in the fall. It's euphoric because it's somewhat rare. In NCAA Football, it will not be rare. The games take about a half hour and I will score ten-ish times per game. I will not want them to hit them hard, nor hit them low, by the time I am done.

Play whichever of you wants a piece of me: I have to pay to do this, right? I haven't set that up yet, but I plan on it.

This post was sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 13. Check out the video for the game below.

EA SPORTS NCAA Football 13 TV: "Son" (via EASPORTS)