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One Less Day Til Football Season, No. 40, Dan Vitale

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Alright, washed my hands of the PSU thing. Now let's get back to this stuff.

No. 40, Dan Vitale, Freshman, Superback

Who he be: Dan was a running back for a squad that went to the Illinois State Championship at Wheaton Warrenville South. However, somewhat of a weird running back: 6-foot-2, 220 pounds, while decently fast, not running back fast. He's probably the only NU recruit I've ever watched play a high school game - his team was playing on the TV next to my table on a slow night at McGee's. As a weird-ish running back, he earned two stars out of high school and his other offer was from Central Michigan. NU will have him playing superback, which seems like a good fit.

Let's get the Danny V jokes out of the way: Yes, he's going to be a diaper dandy this year. He's awesome, baby. He is a prime time player. Note the lack of enthusiasm, because I am dying on the inside here.

Looking forward: Vitale seems to have the frame of a Drake Dunsmore type player. Now, he just needs to work on, well, everything: his size/strength, catching ability, speed, and un-tackle-ability, the things which made Dunsmore special. I don't expect him to play this year, but it wouldn't be that crazy, considering NU is looking for someone to replace Dunsmore's production.