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Under Armour Northwestern Football Uniforms Are Here, Stripey

We have uniforms! Let's take a look.




  • Dope!
  • When they said they were going to integrate the Northwestern striping, they, uh, really meant it. I think it looks awesome on the home uni, and, well, less so on the white-on-purple road uniform. We also have word that this will be featured in all 19 team uniforms. I like that in terms of branding, but, uh, Northwestern striping is a type of sleeve striping, which has also historically used on baseball socks. Not righhhhht across the middle of a jersey - at least since they actually did that in like, 1909 - so, uh, yeah. Not sure how that will be integrated into a basketball uniform.
  • Not sure what color these actually are - whether they're the purple of all Northwestern uniforms, or the purple of that one uniform NU wore vs. Penn State which made my eyes hurt.
  • Cool elements include the letters on the gloves and the stonework on the numbers, included in other pics. The NU striping is also on the gloves.
  • No word on RANDOM UNDER ARMOUR SURPRISE jerseys and/or helmets, but I'm sure they'll be there.
  • Has anybody seen an image of the helmets yet or what they look like?

So, what do y'all think?

UPDATE: More things I thought about this photoshoot:

  • Where is this giant dark smokey area with an Under Armour logo in lights? Can we play there instead of Ryan Field? Please?
  • How is Tony Jones gonna catch any balls with his LaDanian Tomlinson visor on?