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One Less Day Til Football, No. 36, Mike Eshun

President Pat Fitzgerald.
President Pat Fitzgerald.

Sorry for the late start y'all, I was comin' back from the Cape.

The 'Lympics start today! Former Northwestern wrassler Jake Herbert won't hit the mats for over a week, but Matt Grevers has a chance to medal on Monday wif 'eats 'appening on Sunday. We'll keep y'all up to date. But now football n stuff.

No. 36, Mike Eshun, sophomore, safety

Who he be: Mikey Shun's a walk-on who has't gotten a chance to get in a game yet for NU. He was a thousand-yard rusher in high school in only five games as a senior and also had two interception returns for touchdowns. I probably should look at our non-walk-ons stats - they must be ridiculous.

Dearly departed: Prince Kwateng! He wore No. 36 when I was a freshman, his second year as a starter. It's still unclear of what the outside linebacker was the prince, but I always found it best just to take him at his word for it.

Looking forward: Mike's far down the depth chart at one of the safety spots. Bummer.