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One Less Day Til Football, No. 35, Eric Wilson

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Didn't see Jake Herbert in the Olympic opening ceremony last night? Turns out he was there, but NBC edited him out, for reasons I'll explain later.

No. 35, Eric Wilson, freshman, linebacker

Who he be: Eric played safety some in high school and had offers from West Virginia, Army, Central Michigan, and Toledo outta Lee M. Thurston HS in Michigan, but the three-star player chose Northwestern. Woo, all the info in one sentence!

He's also the fat bassist from Sublime: Sublime was probably my favorite band from the time I was 12-15. Either them or the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They're still pretty alright to listen to:

This is when I thought the idea of smoking weed was the coolest thing ever, even though I wouldn't even see someone doing so until about four years after I decided Sublime was really cool for singing about it. But that's what they sang about! They were so "chill!" Somewhere along the line, I realized that like, 80 percent of their songs were covered - off the top of my head, 54-46, Hope, We're Only Gonna Die, Smoke Two Joints, the song above, Jailhouse, Pawn Shop, and of course, the George Gershwin interpolation in Doin' Time - and that making a listenable song and talking about weed didn't make them the most talented people of all time. Still, I do give them a listen from time to time, and Wilson's bassline on Santeria is still all the hotness.

Dearly Departed: Ben Johnson wore No. 35 until his graduation this year. Johnson had a few notable moments in three years of regular linebacker play and 13 starts: he had a 70-yard pick-six against Eastern Michigan in a game that ended up being decided by a field goal, and had a game-sealing pick in a game against Minnesota which could've also been a TD, but he opted to just dive rather than risk fumbling. I'll remember him for the time I went to a game with a girl I'd been dating for under a week who thought "wait, how is Ben Johnson still in college if I hooked up with him freshman year" was a good conversation starter - did make a good segue into explaining the concept of redshirting though.

Looking forward: Not gonna play.