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NBC Edited Northwestern Alum Jake Herbert's "Baba Booey" Out Of Olympic Opening Ceremony

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We'd touched on how former NU wrestler Jake Herbert qualified for the Olympics - hey, Mike Riordan from SB Nation combat blog Bloody Elbow predicted Herbert would win gold in the 84 KG freestyle! - however, if you watched the opening ceremony on NBC, you didn't see Herbert or former NU swimmer Matt Grevers. Grevers most likely just didn't happen to find his way, but with Herbert, it's a little bit of a different story.

If you watched the BBC live-stream, you would've seen a camera find Herbert as the American team walked out. He then turned to the camera to deliver a brief message - "Howard Stern! Baba Booey!" - before continuing on. However, NBC took the event out of the broadcast. '

It turns out Herbert is a really, really big Howard Stern fan. He appeared on the show to announce his plans to say Baba Booey on camera at the Olympic games - he plans on doing it 69 times, apparently. (You can also listen to those segments to hear a news piece about an apparent poop explosion in the Howard Stern bathroom , the suspects, and how various Stern employees are dealing with the fear of using the now tainted bathrooms.)

Herbert has since reiterated his plans on giving 69 Baba Booey calls during the event via twitter, and although his initial attempt was edited out, he plans on having one aired eventually.

Never change, Jake.