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One Less Day Til Football, Nos. 34, Steve Flaherty and Michael Odom


PUREwildcat commented that there weren't many important players popping up in the 30's. "WHAT", he bellows, as he begins to write a post about a pair of walk-ons.

No. 34, Steve Flaherty, senior, kicker

Who he be: Flash, as everybody whose last name is "Flaherty" should be called, is a senior who had his first significant playing time this past season handling Northwestern's kickoffs. His leg seems to be stronger than Jeff Budzien's, and Northwestern learned the danger of having the same dude do every single kicking duty in the STefan Demos era, so having Flaherty do kickoffs seems just about right.

Looking forward: I assume the same thing should be happening this year with Flaherty handling kickoffs but not placekicking.

No. 34, Michael Odom, freshman, linebacker

Who he be: Michael Odom is a walk-on who went to Benet Academy, also known as where Dave Sobolewski went to high school. His presumptive nickname "Blue Moon" will probably be nixed by whatever affiliation Northwestern has with Goose Island Brewing.

Looking forward: Skipping this one because walk-on freshman linebacker and another post coming up very soon for you to read!