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Your Update On Northwestern Alum Matt Grevers

Creepy picture of Matt Grevers' disembodied head? Creepy picture of Matt Grevers' disembodied head.
Creepy picture of Matt Grevers' disembodied head? Creepy picture of Matt Grevers' disembodied head.

We already talked about Jake Herbert and his passion for Howard Stern, but he doesn't wrestle for about two weeks, so, let's not worry about him yet. On the other hand, other Northwestern alum Matt Grevers doesn't have to wait that long. In fact, he'll have the opportunity to win a gold by tomorrow. (Hope you like tape delays!)

Grevers' first two races are in the books. Most importantly, Grevers participated in the heats for the 100m backstroke, an event in which its safe to say that Grevers a favorite for the gold medal. He lived up to that expectation in the heats, taking first with a time of 52.92 seconds. The semis in that are also today, and if he finishes in the top four there - which he will - he'll be in the finals, which will be tomorrow. You can bet SoP will be covering that, both live and on tape delay. Grevers really should be getting a gold medal in the 100m backstroke: he finished second, earning a silver in Beijing behind Aaron Peirsol, who has since retired. Grevers' swim in the Olympic trials nearly broke the world record Peirsol set in Beijing, and he'll be looking to not only win, but also take that record down.

However, Grevers has a chance to win gold - kinda - within a couple of hours. He participated in the 4X100 m freestyle for the USA, and alongside James Feigen, Jason Lezak, and Ricky Berens, finished second in their heat to qualify the US for the 4X100 finals. However, he won't participate in the finals: that team consists of Ryan Lochte - HALF-CUBAN PRIDE, Y'ALL - Michael Phelps, Cullen Jones, and Nathan Adrian. HOWEVER, if they win gold, Grevers will get a gold as well, although I'm not sure they let him on the podium. He did the same thing in '08 in Beijing, and has a shiny circle thing for that, so he'll probably do that again. That event will be taking place on soon and rebroadcast via tape delay tonight on your teevee sets on NBC.

Grevers will also participate in the 4x100 medley, doing the backstroke - cuz, he's, y'know, good at that - but that's not until later in the week.

So that's your Matt Grevers update! Stick around for more stuff as Grevers wins medals and America continues to be better than the rest of the world in everything.