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One Less Day Til Football Season, No. 61, Alex Pietrzak

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So now that we've gotten our cool Under Armour videos and cool four star basketball commits out of the way, it's back to the grind. Just about months till kickoff, y'all! Or something like that.

No. 61, Alex Pietrzak, RS Freshman, Offensive Line

Who he be: Alex is a redshirt freshman offensive lineman from Burr Ridge. That's, like, pretty much a good summary right there, so I'm not sure what else you're expecting me to write right here. Maybe a 750-word short story about the song "Lemonade" by Gucci Mane? I'll take suggestions, to be honest.

How to pronounce his name: Alex, Peter, Zack. Commas included. By the way, I didn't look this up, I'm just guessing.

Player profile tidbits: Northwestern, be proud:

Also co-founded Model United Nations club.


Looking forward: Well, Pietrzak's time redshirting is done, but he's still a long shot to receive playing time in a significant role as a redshirt freshman.