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One Less Day Til Football Season, No. 58, Max Chapman

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We're officially caught up on uniform numbers - there's 58 days til football season, and we're profiling No. 58, Max Chapman! Woo! That's an accomplishment, I suppose. And it only took three weeks after I totally slacked off for a while surrounding graduation, aka the Rodger Sherman Goodbye Evanston Public Intoxication Tour. So, yeah.

No. 58, Max Chapman, RS Freshman, DE

Who he be: Chappy, as I call him, is a redshirt freshman at the defensive end spot. Out of high school, he had three stars and had offers from some out-there schools like Stanford and Oregon State in addition to the typical Big Ten/service academies/MAC haul, which is weird, because he's from Florida. He didn't play last year, obviously, redshirt, but yeah.

Proposed nickname: "The Chapstick"

5th of July Hangover America video:

Looking forward: Northwestern has a pretty experienced defensive end rotation featuring Tyler Scott and Quentin Williams, plus some younger talent like Anthony Battle, Davon Custis, and Deonte Gibson. Chapman should be able to compete for playing time alongside that crew, but I've always heard more about guys like Custis and Gibson. He'll be a factor at some point in his career, but I'd bet Northwestern goes with other guys this season.