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John Shurna To Play For Atlanta Hawks Summer League Team

John Shurna has a summer home, I suppose we can call it, as it turns out he'll be playing for the Atlanta Hawks at the Vegas Summer League, which kicks off next Friday. This happened Tuesday night, but I've been out of pocket for a bit, sorry.

It's an intriguing choice for a roster - one with a lot of flux going on, as the Hawks have recently traded their star, Joe Johnson, for the bits and pieces of the Nets roster, and also traded Marvin Williams for Devin Harris. They have a lot of new faces that new GM - really, really new GM - Danny Ferry will need to evaluate, and Shurna's inclusion on the summer league roster means he might be one. The inclusion of Anthony Morrow in the Johnson trade is worrisome for Shurna's odds of making the squad - Morrow is one of the best jump shooters in the NBA - but he'll still have a shot to impress the Hawks as well as the NBA's other 29 teams. The rest of the Hawks' summer roster is unavailable as of right now.

If you have NBA TV, you'll be able to watch Shurna and the SummerHawks take the court starting next Friday at 1 p.m. If you're looking for optimism, Ridiculous Upside, whose top three undrafted free agents all ended up making the league last season, put Shurna on their 2012 list and included a photo of him looking confused.