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One Less Day Til Football Season, No. 56, Will Studlien

I searched for "stud" in the SBN photo thingy, and this is what happened.
I searched for "stud" in the SBN photo thingy, and this is what happened.

Hey all! I'm 22! My birthday is a nice reminder that our time within this mortal coil is fleeting and that death awaits all of us! I got an XBox 360 because it's 2008 and because I really want to finish off this FIFA season I started with this 16-year-old player manager who is 6-foot-10 and sold all of Fulham's other goalies within two weeks of joining the club and also signs every single American soccer player possible. I'll also probably get the NCAA video games so I can do real life analysis of stuff like how Evan Watkins will win the Heisman.

No. 56, Will Studlien, junior, linebacker

Who he be: Will is a junior who hasn't really had a chance yet to break into the rotation at the linebacker spot. The Sunbury, Ohio native - he went to a school called "Big Walnut", which amuses me - had three stars and BCS offers from Kansas, Maryland, and Cincinnati, but has only worked his way into two games over two seasons of playing time at NU. (Yes, they were the ones against Eastern Illinois and Illinois State.) He's of pretty average size for an NU linebacker - 6-foot-2, 225.

How it's pronounced: dunno

How I wish it was pronounced: STUD LINE, as in "Northwestern has a really stud line this year", or STUDLY-IN like a guy wearing a muscle shirt cramming for a final exam.

Lawrence Taylor life changes if he had attended Northwestern: Crippling Adderall addiction, but commended off the field for his work tutoring young women.

Looking forward: Linebacker will probably be Northwestern's firmest unit on defense. Did I just say firmest? That's gross. Anyway, there's established talent at every position. Studlien will probably factor in on special teams and get himself a few reps, but a starting gig seems like a long shot.