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One Less Day Til Football Season, No. 55, Drew Smith

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Stay tuned, folks - actual predictions of what's going to happen this year in Northwestern football start this week! We're rolling out a series of Q-and-A's with opposing bloggers. Sure, every site does Q-and-A's, but I feel mine will have an SoP spin. This will probably cause several bloggers to decide not to answer my questions out of disgust, but hopefully there's some good ones.

No. 55, Drew Smith, RS Freshman, Linebacker

Who he be: Drew is a 6-foot-1, 205-pound linebacker out of Colerain in Cincinnati. He came to NU with offers from Minnesota, Stanford, Cincinnati, and other less interesting schools. Out of high school he went by "Andrew", which makes finding info about him somewhat less easy than I thought it would be.

Top 10 least descript names on Northwestern's roster:

10. Jimmy Hall

9. Cermak Bland (Bland factor)

8. Eric Olson

7. Zack Oliver

6. Joseph Jones

5. Daniel Jones

4. Eric Wilson

3. Drew Smith

2. Tony Jones

1. Brian Smith

Other Drew Smiths: A singer who had the production for his music video outsourced to India, an NFL agent, and this bodybuilder. (The guy, not the girl.)

Looking forward: I haven't heard much about Smith, but he was definitely getting himself on the field at linebacker during spring ball. Not necessarily with the ones, but No. 55 was out there. Look for him to play at the very least on special teams, if not a more prominent role in a young, talented linebacker corps on a weak defense.