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One Less Day Til Football, No. 22, Treyvon Green and Demetrius Dugar


Woah! A pair of players both of whom might actually play? That just doesn't make sense. Also, they're both from Texas, because Texas forever.

We'll have talk about Jake Herbert wrasslin later, since he'll be going tomorrow.

No. 22, Demetrius Dugar, senior, cornerback

Who he be: Double-D is a fifth year senior at corner, although he hasn't really gotten bunches a playin' time. The 5-foot-11 corner outta H-Town had two stars and recruits from military academies before coming to Northwestern. His first major appearance came as a redshirt freshman against Syracuse, where just a few games into the season Sherrick McManis had to miss a game, and Dugar was the sub. 200 yards of receiving by Mike Williams later, that was that. The Houston native would get another chance to start this year against Iowa, where he recorded a pick that turned out to be inconsequential, but still, good on him. One pick every two starts ain't a bad average, and Williams' performance wasn't really on Dugar. He's really had limited reps at corner for a guy in his fifth year.

Looking forward: Doogie Howser has a pretty good chance for playing time with two cornerback slots open. I don't think he's in line for a starting job, but definitely expect him to get reps in a defensive backfield light on experience.

No. 22, Treyvon Green, sophomore, running back

Who he be: Treyvon was also a two-star outta Texas, this fella from Mesquite, where he didn't have many offers - just Wake Forest and Western Kentucky on the FBS level. However, the biggish back - 5-foot-10, 215 pounds - showed he had the speed to hit holes as a true freshman, which is something NU didn't have much of. He had 70 yards and a TD against Eastern Illinois, which, meh, but then 67 and a touchdown against Illinois and 54 against Nebraska. Not much was expected from the frosh, but he contributed, with 3.7 yards per carry on nearly 100 touches and four scores.


Looking forward: Treyvon, in addition to being Northwestern's most Katy Perry-able running back, should grab similar carries this year - Mike Trumpy back, but Jacob Schmidt's gone, so carries are there to be had. Let's not make Green seem like a great back: under 4.0 YPC isn't something to write odes about - but if he can spot Trumpy for a few carries, and hold on to the ball, that would be great. He'll definitely be Northwestern's best backup, pending what we haven't seen from true and redshirt freshmen. He hasn't shown an ability to get big plays yet, but the word is "serviceable", a quality which Northwestern hasn't had in a backup runner for some time.