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One Less Day Til Football Season, No. 18, Christian Salem

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And we've entered the land of quarterbacks! I'm so tired.

No. 18, Christian Salem, freshman, quarterback

Who he be: Northwestern's latest walk-on quarterback sensation is Christian Salem, whose name could also be read as an adjective and place name describing the 1600's Massachusetts community where a bunch of young women got burnt to death and whatnot. Anyway, The Crucible, as I've taken the liberty of nicknaming him, hails from Santa Monica, Calif., where the 6-foot-3, 190 pounder was the starting quarterback and probably served as the star character in at least one 1950's teen movie. However, he didn't receive any offers that I can tell of, leading to my favorite new discovery that this series has shown me, GUYS WHO DIDN'T RECEIVE SCHOLARSHIP OFFERS POSTING HIGHLIGHT VIDEOS OF THEMSELVES ON YOUTUBE:

While I like the video of someone wrecking nonsense in high school - seriously, I have no idea how scouting works, because watching this video made me think this guy is an all-time great, mainly due to his choice of Too $hort as music - I'm really disconcerted by the idea of players featuring their SAT score and GPA in their highlight video. I mean, I just got my transcript back from NU, and I threw that nonsense in the bottom of a sock drawer before even seeing what my GPA was, just for the benefit of plausible deniability should a potential employer ask. Let alone throwing it in a highlight video. Yikes.

Dearly Departed: C.J. Bachér! The greatest half-Asian quarterback possibly in college football history was NU's starter from 2006-2008. He took over very inauspiciously for a team in need of a QB in 2006, as Mike Kafka and Andrew Brewer simply weren't cut out for the job. Although he never really could figure out how not to throw picks, Bacher's completion percentage hovered around 60 percent in his three seasons as a starter. Tyrell Sutton hurt, he threw for 3656 yards as a junior, including a career highlight in a ridiculous 520-yard, 5-TD no-pick game against Michigan State, which he later followed up with 470 and four touchdowns against Minnesota. He was in the UFL for a little bit, but I'm not really sure that league still exists.

Looking forward: Unlike his Salem predecessors, Christian won't be receiving a trial by fire: he'll likely be on the bench for at least a few years with a slim chance of playing down the road. Remember: Matt Alviti.