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One Less Day Til Football Season, No. 16, Davion Fleming

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And the beat goes on da-da-dun da-dun dada.

No. 16, Davion Fleming, junior, safety

Who he be: Davion is a safety outta Upland, California, where he was more notable as a running back than a safety, at least according to his profile page, but was recruited to NU as a safety. He hasn't really played that much at all in his first two years.

DavIan Fleming: The author of Dr. No (NCAA Tournament Appearances), The Meineke Car Care Bowl Of Texas Is Not Enough, From Kenosha With Love, and a variety of other James Bond-related Northwestern books that I wasn't clever enough to come up with. But I'm sure you guys can.

Nas the don: Davion impressed me with his player profile music choices

Q: Name five favorite songs (and artist) on your I-Pod:
A: Black Republican - Nas;

UNNNNH. Great song Sample off the Godfather soundtrack.

It also features basically the longest lead-in to any song of all time. But it gets better!

Q: A song that best describes you and why?
A: It Ain't hard to Tell by Nas, when people meet him they know that he is something special.


My poetry's deep I never fail/Nas' raps should be locked in a cell/it ain't hard to tell

(nas is my favorite rapper, but i guess it ain't hard to tell)

Davion Fleming isn't great with descriptions:

Q: Describe Coach Fitzgerald in five words or less:
A: The Man
Q: Describe your position coach in five words or less:
A: The Guy

But he is great at food choices:

Q: My favorite food is:
A: Nachos

Looking forward: By my count, Fleming is one of three people in line to potentially play at the safety spot vacated by Brian Peters: him, Hunter Bates, and Jimmy Hall. (And of course, someone else could also jump in.) I'm not in camp, but I guess Fleming has the edge, to be honest. Him or Hall. Or maybe Bates. Or none of them. But definitely, I'd guess Fleming/Hall/Bates, in that order. I think.