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One Less Day Til Football Season, No. 14, Christian Jones

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Is it a coincidence that Nos. 14 and 15 are both occupied by people with the last name "Jones"? Yeah, sure, just a coincidence, and not the Illuminati at all. Nope. Not the Illuminati whatsoever. Jay-Z doesn't even watch college football, guys!

No. 14, Christian Jones, sophomore, wide receiver

Who he be: CJ is a wide-out from Houston who runs about 6-foot-3, 225. He was hotly recruited - Arkansas, Baylor, Texas Tech, Stanford and others, like Kansas, Kentucky, and somehow, Harvard - but an ACL injury cost him every schollie offer he had except for NU and Rice. Jones chose the school that wasn't down the block, and had a decent campaign as a true freshman. He showed a couple of real flashes, including a 27-yarder in the season opener and a 39-yarder against Michigan.

Not to be confused with the Christian Jones at FSU: He is very good at football, though.

Looking forward: Christian has an awful lot of upside, as it appears the formerly highly touted wide receiver didn't lose much with his ACL injury. I've used the words "tall" and "fast" a bunch of times in these previews, and it holds true for Jones as well, obviously. He'll be a main target for Kain Colter.