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Northwestern Checks Syracuse Doing Military Stuff In Training, Raises With Navy Seals

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Northwestern's opponent in the season opener - two weeks from today! - did something pretty neat with their training camp: much in the same way Northwestern goes to Kenosha for camp, 'Cuse headed for a week to Fort Drum in wayyy upstate New York to train with members of the United States Army.

Not to be outdone, Northwestern set up a meeting with some freedom-defenders of their own on Friday: NAVY SEALS, Y'ALL:

Yeah, that's right: the dudes who double-tapped Osama.

They lifted logs:

Flipped tires:

And stood in lines:

And also stood in lines in the ocean (it's a lake, but shut up)

Basically, Northwestern proved that they love America as much - if not more! - than Syracuse. NU has long practiced at the Great Lakes Naval Station in the run-up to the season: it seems that won't be happening this year, but this gets the job done.

I just hope the dudes at Fort Drum didn't tip off Syracuse to how Army beat Northwestern last season.

Oh, and anybody who comments "hey, why aren't they doing football stuff?" gets autobanned, plus I'll report you to the CIA.