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Monday Sips, Featuring A Return, Plus Tyrell Sutton

No comment on the jersey, but OH, BOY!
No comment on the jersey, but OH, BOY!

Hey all! You might remember I used to post links to stuff. Being semi-employed, I'm pretty sure I have time to round-up what's going on in the Northwestern internets world every day, so stay tuned. Plus it gives all y'all a place to sound off about the Northwestern news that I don't manage to slip into other posts. Anyways, they should hit in the afternoons most of the time. Like now!

  • Probably the best and greatest news of the weekend came from the pro gridiron: all them Northwestern players on NFL rosters who I talked about last week balled in preseason, most notably, Tyrell Sutton, who was arguably the best player for the Seahawks in their 30-10 victory over Denver. Sutton led the team in rushing on only three carries, thanks to a 46-yard carry, and also scored the team's final TD, a 34-yard reception, his only catch of the night. That can't be bad for his hopes of making the final roster. Seattle blog Field Gulls had this to say:

As a side-note, and I'm sure you are all going to freak out when I say this, so let me ask it carefully: Was I the only one that thinks that Sutton runs a lot like Maurice Jones-Drew? Now, let me qualify that. When I say "runs like" I mean that in the literal sense - like, he kind of has short stocky legs and a big upper body, and he swings his arms around kind of like MJD so when he's running he kind of has a similar appearance.

  • Maybe you don't care as much as I do about these guys' late roster cut hopes, but I have a soft spot in my heart for recent Northwestern grads in the league. I'm less enthused about Trai Essex et. al. Elsewhere, in preseason play, Zeke Markshausen caught a 15-yarder from Brady Quinn - between him catching from Quinn and Sutton catching a TD from Russell Wilson, the NFL is WEEEEEEIIIIRD - and Andrew Brewer caught a pass, returned three kicks - poorly - and a punt for the Packers, prompting this tweet:

Good to know.

  • In more relevant Northwestern football news, there was a scrimmage Saturday, which other folks reported on. The big news is that two true freshmen, DE Dean Lowry and SB Dan Vitale, are primed to play this season. Vitale isn't surprising - I'd said he might play, considering NU's lack of players at superback. Lowry kind of catches me off guard - you don't expect a defensive end to be ready to play straight out of high school. I'm not sure whether that says more about Lowry or more about the guys like Deonte Gibson, Chance Carter, and Anthony Battle he's presumably passed on the depth chart. Tyler Scott is still the starter there, and I'd presume Quentin Williams is likely to get the majority of reps on the other side.

And now, your Tweet of the Day:

That sound you hear is me being giddy, then mad that I'm not in Evanston anymore. Bat is probably the best place possible: the sandwiches are great, as are all the other stuff nobody ever gets because the sandwiches are so damn big - I had a cookie once! It was a really good cookie! - and of course, they serve beer towers. Under 30 bucks for a tower of Dirty Bastard will get you GOING, although most people stick with Blue Moon because they are cowards. They also have Eliot Ness and a variety of other good beers for tower consumption, but, woah, 24! See you there after or before a football game sometime soon. (And since I'm now doing Tweet of the Day, remember to nominate any good ones you see to me at @sippinonpurple. And hey, give me a follow, jerks!)