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One Less Day Til Football Season, No. 11, Pierre Youngblood-Ary

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Let's just get on with it. I SAID, GET ON WITH IT!

No. 11, Pierre Youngblood-Ary, RS Freshman, wide receiver

Who he be: Pierre was briefly my favorite recruit in a long time when his name was "Xavier Youngblood-Ary", with the awesome initials "XYA", but then he decided to go by Pierre, which made me reconsider for a second, but then I un-reconsidered. The Orlando native played in an option system in high school, meaning he only had nine catches as a senior, but he made the most of them for nearly 300 yards and four touchdowns. Here's the video of him being way faster than a log of short people:

He had three stars and offers from Colorado State, Navy, Memphis, and Rice, among others. No word why he opted not to go by Xavier and be called "THE X-MAN" like everybody named Xavier. He redshirted as a freshman.

PYAAAAAAAAAAH: Celebrating Pierre's initials:

No explanation for the random kids at the end.

The only song I am aware of by Atlanta hip-hop duo YoungbloodZ: "Damn", featuring Lil Jon, off of their album "Drankin Patnaz"

Note: it is NOT safe for work. In other news, if Pierre Youngblood-Ary does not start any stuff, there will not be any stuff. (NOTE: The connection between the BYAHHHH video up above and Dave Chapelle's famous Lil Jon skits - one of which he starts by saying "they cawwwwlin me" in the voice of the guy from the Youngbloodz - is purely coincidental, but I went ahead and made the connection before you asked.)

Dearly departed: Jeremy Ebert - more on him later. If we're doing memories, I'll go with a) watching him score a touchdown against Syracuse while I sat at home as a freshman two weeks before I went to Evanston, being jealous of him for already being in college b) his 80-yard catch and run in the upset victory over Nebraska, amongst others.

Looking forward: Pierre's another guy in the stable of tall, fast, talented wide receivers. I expect to see him lined up along the outside, confusing people for not being Jeremy Ebert or even looking remotely like him.