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Tuesday Sips, Featuring Jeremy Ebert on MNF, Plus Red Panda and More

Jeremy Ebert?
Jeremy Ebert?

Today we have contributions from the NFL, one of our commenters, and of course, the Navy SEALs.

  • Jeremy Ebert played last night for the Patriots in their Monday Night Football matchup with the Eagles, nabbing three passes for 18 yards. A lot of Pats first stringers sat, and Ebert nabbed some catches from Brian Hoyer. (Again, the NFL is WEIRD.) In the bit of football I watched, he looked very much like he did at Northwestern: in the slot, running slants and whatnot across the middle. The problem there is that Ebert was targeted six times, and reportedly had some drops, and that his biggest catch as for 20 yards, meaning his other two receptions - one was a screen that got blown up - saw the Pats go backwards. When you look at the roster math, it's not good for Jeremy: Wes Welker, Deion Branch, Julian Edelman, Jabar Gaffney, Brandon Lloyd, and Donte Stallworth are all on the roster, not including a few other guys who have a chance of making the team. He would seem to be an odd man out. So don't get used to the weird sight of seeing Ebert wearing No. 80. Marquice Cole also got in the game for New England, with three tackles.
  • Ebert's highlight of the evening was tossing the ball to a referee not quite skilled in catching footballs: Hey_medium
  • Good news from NU football camp: Treyvon Green is okay after a concussion earlier in training camp. I don't think any NU fans would have a problem with him sitting a while to recover from his scare, but he's practicing.
  • Our very own C.E. Bell stated his case for Northwestern over at Off Tackle Empire. I don't quite share his rosy optimism for the year, but the staff over at OTE - Big Ten connoisseurs all - picked NU to be a seven-win team this year, which caught me off guard. None of the 11 pickers have NU below six wins and only one had Northwestern as a losing team in conference. That's... that's comforting. Chad also drops some rap music, for people like me, and Game of Thrones, for nerds.
  • If you thought Northwestern's YEAHHHHH NAVY SEALS was over with, you thought wrong. Video!

  • The video shows them doing stuff and highlights walk-on Mike Panico, who is now glad that people know his name. We already made fun of your name on SoP, Mike! Chin up! Anyway, good stuff, and a reminder to pour one out for Tony Scott, who directed America's best movie, Top Gun, about a different branch of the Navy.

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I think we all know the answer here: Red Panda Acrobat or bust. And don't bring in random mascots and creepy blow up mascots. Those are the worst and they scare children. So give me a follow at @sippinonpurple and tell me what tweets I miss.