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One Less Day Til Football Season, No. 8, Demetrius Fields (and Jack Mitchell)

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Sorry I was absent yesterday, I was a lil sick and a lil busy. But I'm not either of those things today! Since gocats14 called me out on it, a song about the number eight:

Big L is an all-time great who sadly got shot for no real reason before his first major studio release. This isn't his best song, because he had to let seven other guys rap on it, one of whom is a young Cam'ron.

No. 8, Jack Mitchell, freshman, wide receiver

Who he be: Jack is a walk-on wideout. He subscribes to the UNRECRUiTED PLAYERS MUST MAKE HIGHLIGHT VIDEOS rule of life we've discovered. It starts with him knocking a kickoff literally into a parking lot, then catching some touchdowns, picking off a pass, and also nailing some punts within the ten yard line. The single most valuable player in any pickup game, ever, provided punting is a thing in your pickup game, which it probably isn't.

Looking forward: Not a good sign for your chances of playing when they issue you the same number as another player projected to start at your position.

No. 8, Demetrius Fields, senior, WR

Who he be: Once upon a time, Demetrius was the other "Fields" on the roster, next to Arby. Now, he's Northwestern's most senior receiver. Fields began getting real playing time as an RS freshman in 2009, but really began making his mark in 2010: he had a big third-down conversion against Indiana, reeling in a one-handed catch on the run, then caught the last pass a healthy Dan Persa ever threw for a game-winner against Iowa, as well as an almost identical TD reception from Evan Watkins on fourth down in the bowl game against Texas Tech. This past year was his best, coming on late in the year with TD grabs in the team's final three regular season games.

Looking forward: Demetrius should be starting at an inside position this year. He's not the most exciting wide receiver in a room filled with exciting wide receivers, but he's proven himself to be a dependable target with great hands. That's useful.