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Monday Sips, Where Pro Dreams And Urinals Are Being Smashed, Plus GAME WEEK and Big Daddy Kane


Hey all, some quick links before Northwestern releases its depth chart. Game week stuff - i.e. the same dumb stuff you've come to expect over the past three seasons - will also be around, although I can't set a timetable on that as I'm in transit today.

Maybe Stick to the Small Stuff: It was a pretty bad week for Northwestern players in the pros trying to make cuts. Let's put it this way: Andy Andrew Brewer's one catch, an eight yard snag for Green Bay might have been the best performance by a Northwestern player on any team. And it gets worse!

Backup Wars: With Mike Vick hurt and Mike Kafka still out with a broken hand, NIck Foles is impressing in Philadelphia, and may have taken the backup quarterback gig from Northwestern's favorite backup quarterback.

You could argue that Foles has shown more in three preseason games than Kafka has shown in two years. And whether the coaching staff will admit it or not, Foles just has to be ahead of Kafka at this point. Can they really tell the fan base that Kafka is a more reliable option because he's been here for two years?

That blockquote is so full of :( that I can't even begin to describe it. Meanwhile, the good news is we can induct Foles into the SIPPIN' ON PURPLE HALL OF HATE alongside Jared Sullinger, Meyers Leonard, and orange juice, which I strongly dislike for reasons not related to Syracuse.

Sutton's Gotta Give: Tyrell Sutton got cut by the Seahawks, but he's handling it okay:

He also tweeted that he's out of practice squad eligibility, so that, again, makes it even worse. A big batch of cutdowns come today with rosters going from 90 to 75, so expect more stuff like this.

I like it better when they overlook us: Syracuse's great Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician argues that the Orange's most important game is its first, the season opener against Northwestern. Personally, I think they should be looking forward to their matchup against No. 1 USC in Week 2. Think about how cool it would be if you won! Start studying their schemes n stuff now, or else you won't have any chance! You'll do just fine against us, don't worry.

Warm it up Kain: We've all enjoyed our Kain Colter puns over the past few years, but we finally have confirmation from Teddy Greenstein about the process that went into naming Northwestern's starting QB: (not naming him the starting QB that is, Pat Fitzgerald did that.)

He was born Theodis Kain Colter. Theodis is a family name, and Kain was an inspired selection.

Big Daddy Kane was a favorite rapper from Spencer's youth. Cain, in some cultures, means Warrior's Son. Kain's mother, Stacy, saw the name in a baby book. Both she and Spencer liked that it was uncommon.

Greenstein also covers Kain's obsessive passion for ice cream and the fact that Colter thinks Northwestern would be "stupid" not to play Trevor Siemian at some point. COMMENCE PANICKING THAT QB1 THINKS WE'D BE STUPID TO PLAY HIM AHHHHHH GAME WEEK GAME WEEK GAME WEEK

We Got One!: For those of you whining that Northwestern didn't have any all-conference players, the Sporting News says Northwestern has one! Yippee! Way to be, Ibraheim Campbell.

I Assume You Read It Already, But...: LTP's game week post is essential.

And your tweet of the day: Courtesy of NU alum Zach Braff, who apparently lived in Bobb:

That's just ridiculous. What sort of dorm has urinals? Seriously. The main reason I joined a fraternity was the simple pleasure of being able to occasionally pee at a wall with holes in the bottom. If I could, I would install a Wrigley Field-styled trough in my house.