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One Less Day Til Football, No. 3, Tyris Jones, Sean Oliver

Free, yall. Free.

No. 3, Sean Oliver, freshman, DB

Who he be: You know how I've pointed out repeatedly how so many of Northwestern's walkono sseem to have had preposterously successful high school careers and they don't make sense as non-scholarship athletes because I don't understand how recruiting works? Well, on the other hand, there's Sean Oliver:

Competed for speech and debate teams in high school, winning first place at Harvard Debate Tournament, receiving state honors and earning national qualifier status

But what about how he was the starting quarterback and star of the basketball team?

No. 3, Tyris Jones, senior, RB

Who he be: Tyris is also a walk-on, but the type who has also been at NU for four years and is still a walk-on but also plays football sometimes. Tyris started out as a linebacker, but was switched to running back as a freshman, where he didn't see playing time until last year, where he saw time in pistol and short-yardage situations, including a touchdown against EIU and 28 yards on seven carries against Indiana. Almost a fullback in nature.

Looking forward: Tyris should get some carries and play when NU is facing short-yardage plays, almost as a fullback. I wouldn't be surprised for a video to surface in future weeks of Pat Fitzgerald rewarding him with a scholarship before Northwestern's season starts, because he's been a walk-on for so long and earned PT, which is generally what happens in these situations.