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One Less Day Til Football Season, No. 2, Kain Colter

Danity, warming it up.
Danity, warming it up.

Guys, it's Kain day.

No. 2, Kain Colter, junior, quarterback

Who he be: What's not to say about Kain, everybody's favorite little quarterback/running back/receiver Northwestern has to offer. Not so long ago, the Colorado native - who had wanted to go to Stanford, but lost the interest of the Cardinal after an injury - was way down the QB depth chart behind Evan Watkins. An injury to Dan Persa, and soon he was playing QB - although rarely throwing - catching some passes, running - a 105-yard game in the bowl against Texas Tech - , and tossing a few times down the stretch in 2010. When Persa's injury didn't heal, Colter was QB1 for the Cats at first. He had a nice year throwing the ball - he completed two-thirds of his passes, his only real bad outing was the Army game, where he averaged a little under four yards an attempt on 12-for-23 passing - but more noteworthy was his slash role that saw him lined up all over the field. He displayed great catching abilities - 100 yards against Indiana, a brilliant diving snag against Iowa, and three receiving touchdowns on the year to go along with six passing and nine rushing. We won't soon forget his dive for the pylon against Nebraska, a game where he played quarterback for most of the second half as Northwestern earned its biggest win of the year.

Someone is way too into making Kain Colter highlight videos, but it's okay because they're all awesome: I discovered this yesterday, and NUWildcatsLA pointed out that the same guy has made way more videos. Let's take a look:

Northwestern vs. Syracuse: Chapter 1 (Greatness Begins)

This video focuses on Northwestern's first matchup of the year, beginning with a random quote from a movie I can't identify before switching to a dubstep version of "Seven Nation Army", a move I very much approve of. The video also hawks "" as the home of Kain Colter's Heisman campaign, but sadly, the page does not exist.

All for 2012 (Race For the Heisman)

This video features the instrumentals from "Oh My God" by Jay-Z - although Kingdom Come is arguably Hov's most meh album, the production by Just Blaze on this song is FIRE as always, so you can nod the hell out of your head while watching Colter. The end of the video features some cool explosion graphics and the phrase "ALL FOR 2012" which doesn't particularly make sense, but that's besides the point. There are also completely gratuitous segments of the video for "N*ggaz in Paris" by Jay-Z and Kanye West with no reference to the fact that the person pictured is Jay-Z and not Kain Colter. Side note: the "GOOD LORD" by the singer means this would be a great song for a highlight video about Roderick Goodlow.

Become Legendary

This is from the Jordan campaign of the same name, which wasn't a bad ad, but for this week, is the worst ad of all time, because it very briefly features Marvin Harrison scoring a touchdown while at Syracuse. Of course, it isn't my favorite Jordan ad of all time - that, as you should know by now, is the "Let Your Game Speak" ad for the 21s, aka the best sports ad of all time - but still, I love Jordan commercials enough that it doesn't matter.

Kain Colter puns #42-46:

Major Kain

The Kaindyman

The Kain in Kain falls Kainly in the Kain

The Kain Event

Kain's World

Looking forward: I predict Kain earns a all-Big Ten nod at the end of the year - not first team, but at least an honorable mention. First of all, there's no denying how great of an athlete he is: he can and will tear up the field. Secondly, it's not like his arm is that bad: Northwestern only needs him to complete short passes for five yards and an occasional deep ball to get the job done, and we all know he can do that. Hell, he completed 67 percent of his passes last year! When NU has subbed out quarterbacks, we've always questioned the potential of the next guy in line to get it done: Mike Kafka, Dan Persa, and now Colter. Except now, the receiving corps is stacked, and this guy can run better than anybody. I'm not concerned in the slightest about the Wildcats putting up points this year, and Colter is at the heart of that belief. I'm really excited, you guys.