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Almost, Fitz.
Almost, Fitz.

Lotta links with a day left:

For next week: Vandy played No. 9 Sakerlina last night, and their offense didn't look too pretty, but they made it close, falling 17-13. They got jobbed on a pass interference call late which would've given them an opportunity to take a game from a highly-ranked team and make NU's schedule look a lot tougher. In other news, Minnesota went to tripLOL overtime against UNLV.

Not everybody hurts: Michael Stipe was a liar; Northwestern's injury report only had one player on it, Neal Deiters, who is out with a concussion. Deiters is a backup offensive lineman - I predicted he'd start, and was wrong, he's not even on the two-deep. That's pretty great news after camp, especially remembering last year when Northwestern's starting quarterback wasn't available Week 1.

PREACH: Although you're preaching to the choir, guys. Adam Jacobi and Spencer Hall each absolutely brought it with their THE SEASON IS HERE posts. If you're unfamiliar with Spencer's spectacular long form skills, take about a half hour to click through that link.

Mustachioed analyses return: BYCTOM is back, so I link. I will point out that I beat them to the Kain Colter puns, including the Kain in Kain falling Kainly in the Kain, by a day.

Orange without lemon: The citrus jokes made available by Syracuse's leading wide receiver, Alec Lemon, are great, but he might not play tomorrow. Sour news, huh?

No jolly ranchers?: TNIAAM continues to impress with an episode of "Chopped" about Northwestern. Chopped, of course, is the best show on the Food Network, because they make four people cook random stuff that tastes awful together in limited time. In my experience, the key is to watch with four people and bet on it, and I'm sure our degenerate friend Loretta has done that many a time. This also gives me the idea to preview Northwestern's basketball games with mini-episodes of the show "Cupcake Wars."

(TNIAAM also has all the best GIFs. Get on that, Glop.)

Are pumas included? I forgot to mention this the other day, but Northwestern has decided its official hashtag for the upcoming season is "#B1Gcats".

While the Wildcat is one of the most popular nicknames in collegiate athletics, we truly are the only #B1GCats. It's also shorter than #Northwestern--we love what our school name stands for, but it was not made for a 140-character world.

To borrow a quote from the greatest movie purportedly set in Evanston, making an official hashtag always comes off a bit like trying to make fetch happen, like when Sports Illustrated actually thought people would use "SILinsanity" on twitter. But, alas, here we have our homage to large felines. H/T to the faithful Jaguars bloggers over at Big Cat Country.

Last Paulus reference (not really): We try to forget about it, but Demetrius Dugar is starting his third career game Saturday. His first was also in the Carrier Dome:

"Nwabuisi stunk," NU coach Pat Fitzgerald recalled. "He was terrible, same with Dugar. You look at those guys now and say: 'Wow. How far they have come.' "

Tweet of the day:

Update: This definitive JSchool battle post from ESPN is a pretty fun read.