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One Less Day Til Football Season, No. 24, Ibraheim Campbell

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seriously do any of u guys have jobs

No. 24, Ibraheim Campbell, sophomore, safety

Who he be: Ibraheim Campbell is a returning starting safety. Ibra hails from Philly, where he played both ways for Coach Eric Taylor, probably. He ran for almost 4,000 yards and was a player on the Philadelphia Daily News All-Decade team, which is kind of a weird thing to exist, but hey! Camby redshirted his freshman year and was named starter out of training camp. He struggled a bit early - remember some of those big plays early on the year? mainly his fault on mental errors - but the truth is the guy has a nose for the ball and is pretty decent in pass coverage as well, leading the team in tackles, plus recording six pass deflections and two picks, although those were both off Denard Robinson so it's like they don't really count.

Dearly Departed: Sherrick McManis, he of the self-given moniker "Batman", swooped in and intercepted oodles of passes for NU until he was drafted by the Texans in 2010. He was always good - freshman all-conference - but really came on as an unstoppable force as a senior with five picks in ten games, notably a game-saver in the opposing red zone with Northwestern in a deep, deep hole against Purdue and a ridiculous over-the-shouler pick on a deep ball in the Outback Bowl. Despite Mo Greene's lyrics, he never recorded a pick-six.

Looking forward: I think Ibraheim's over the early struggles that were caused by being a new starter at the college level. All of a sudden, he's gone from being a newcomer to likely the most experienced starter in Northwestern's secondary amongst redshirt freshmen, transfers, and career reserve players. That's a little bit of a scary thought, but I think Campbell will hold up his end of the deal: he's shown he has talent, speed, and tackling ability. With the mental aspect of the game down, hopefully he can step up, lead, and keep Northwestern from getting completely abused defensively.