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One Less Day Til Football, No. 23, Nick VanHoose

A VanMoose.
A VanMoose.

23 days til football, for those of you Jordan or Cavs-era LeBron fans out there. Or Toney Douglas.

No. 23, Nick VanHoose, RS Freshman, cornerback

Who he be: Nick Van Exel VanHoose, aka THE HOOSE, is a redshirt freshman outta Graham HS in Urbana, Ohio. There he played both ways, and was so fast HE MADE THE LINES ON THE FIELD GO SQUIGGLY

He only had two stars, tho, and was also recruited by Indiana and Ball State. The 6-foot-1, 175 pounder redshirted last year, which was kind of implied earlier by the "redshirt freshman" thing, ya big dummy.

Terrible catchphrases related to Nick VanHoose: The Hoose is on the Loose

If give VanHoose a muffin

VanHoose Your Daddy

VanHoosetie and the Blowfish

He's a Brick (da-na-na-na-na) HOOOOOOSE (based on the song by the Commodores, also the name of the athletic teams at at VanHoosederbilt University)

The Hoosegow (especially noteworthy since he's a cornerback and putting people ON LOCKDOWN)

VanHoose Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj

The Van Without a Spacein between his last names that should be separated by a space)

I've Got Free Candy In My VanHoose

More awful VanHoose catchphrases, puns, and nicknames are accepted in the comments.

Looking Forward: VanHoose might not have been a touted recruit, but the competition at CB is wide the hell open, and VanHoose seems like a leading candidate at one spot. I think VanHoose will earn a starting gig opposite Daniel Jones, although a variety of other people are in the mix - maybe Quinn Evans, the transfer from Stanford.