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Northwestern Wildcats vs. Syracuse Orange Game Thread!

Guys, it's football. Northwestern plays Syracuse today, and this is where you get to comment about it. That's great. It's the best.

The community here has gotten bigger and better than ever, so I look forward to a season of big, fun threads here. They're my favorite part of SoP, and they can be yours too, if you join in. We don't bite! Just don't be a jerk, don't say anything racist or intentionally jerky to anybody, and have fun. Actually, some of us might bite, but it's harmless, but those who do have pretty poor jaw strength for the most part. Seriously: here's to the biggest and best year of game threads yet.

In football news, I was pretty alarmed by the fact that all five writers picked Northwestern, as did an overwhelming majority of people voting. That can't be good, karmaically, in such a close game, right? Def worried about that. On the plus side, their team name is still a fruit.

Sadly, my plans to make the trip up to 'Cuse fell through, but I'll be watching at Blondie's, which isn't exactly the worst thing.

Go Cats!