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Monday Sips, Featuring Skip Bayless, Le Havre, and B1G Stink

I still have no idea why I have pictures of Juice Thompson playing for the Fraport Skyliners in my photo finder tool. Or why German refs wear neon yellow.
I still have no idea why I have pictures of Juice Thompson playing for the Fraport Skyliners in my photo finder tool. Or why German refs wear neon yellow.

Another week, more stuff!

Not just football: Northwestern athletics - across the board - went undefeated this weekend:

More early season meaningless polls: NU only earned a handful of votes in the AP and coaches polls, but woo Sagarin! Its worth pointing out that NU is the only team in the country with two wins over BCS teams so far. Its worth pointing that out a bunch.

I mean, it wasn't 1800's Congo bad: Anchor of Gold felt the need to quote Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness in its initial reaction to the loss to Northwestern.

L1TTL3: The Big Ten played six games against BCS teams this weekend. As Adam Jacobi points out, only Northwestern won. What did I say about pointing that out a lot?

Jus d'orange: Juice Thompson will not be in Germany, but in France, where he will play for STB Le Havre. He is bringing shoes. Le Havre has been home to Spurs Bruce Bowen and Ian Mahinmi in the past, and also it's really dumb to name a place "The Harbor", even if it is a harbor. If you must, here is an intensely detailed breakdown of the French league that calls Thompson an NBA connection because he played for the Hornets summer league team. The Wikipedia tells me the play in an arena called "Dock Océane", which is french for "Ocean Dock".

Chi Chi feelin peachy: I singled out Chi Chi Ariguzo as one of three defensive players who had a great game Saturday - err, tripled out? - but apparently I was understating it: Ariguzo was Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week for his 10-tackle, three-TFL, one sack performance. Apparently lucking into a scoop and score and pick isn't so impressive, but being really good at defense is.

We have a new least favorite Boston College football player: Spiffy Evans is an obvious NOTW nominee, and if I'm not mistaken, won last year, but I disapprove of the company he keeps:

WE PLAY FOR NORTHWESTERN: To watch a million times:

From the Monday presser: Nick VanHoose was hurt against Vandy, and now is listed as the OR starter alongside Quinn Evans at cornerback, which indicates the injury isn't too severe but he might miss this week.

And your Tweets of the Weekend: Skip Bayless, aka the guy who makes his living being so contrarian about everything that he literally insists LeBron James, by all accounts the best basketball player in the world, is not good at basketball, had some interesting thoughts about his university and their chances against NU in football.

Note: no rankings have Vanderbilt higher than Northwestern, academically.

But there's more!

No congrats to NU students or football players :( Bayless went on to yell at a squirrel in his front yard about how Tiger Woods is a crybaby loser and that Roger Clemens will come back from his minor league stint with the Sugar Land Skeeters to win the 2012 Cy Young.