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Tuesday Sips, Featuring Pee, The Little Ten, And More Shurnsanity

Tyler Scott seems so unenthused
Tyler Scott seems so unenthused

John Shurna: still on the Knicks. Let's see some links!

My new worst enemies: I still haven't fully recovered from the news that John Shurna signed with the Knicks yesterday, but today Ian Begley of ESPN New York tweeted the horrendous news that the Knicks made the rest of their training camp signings, bringing in Oscar Bellfield, who averaged 9.8 points for UNLV this past season and likes tipping strollers on their sides when he walks past them on the street, Henry Sims, who averaged 11.6 points and 6.0 rebounds for Georgetown this year, a school he chose for its proximity to a variety of national leaders he planned on assassinating, and Mychel Thompson, Klay Thompson's brother, who spent last year with the Cavaliers and has a life-sized voodoo doll of former NU point guard Michael Thompson in his bedroom. No word on their contracts, but they're all fighting for two roster spots, alongside Chris Smith and Chris Copeland, like I said yesterday. Screw em.

(Also, a thanks to SoP newcomer omarjamil for pointing out this CSN Chicago story written by someone actually named "Jeremy Lynn" that confuses Shurna with Kevin Coble.

Sounds like a "preparing to lose" move to me: BC Interruption also fills out the Blogpoll, and they had Northwestern in their Top 25. (They also guested over at LTP.)

More L1TTL3: I think Jason Kirk's summary of the Big Ten over at the .com is the best I've seen yet. However, also go check out a litany of good posts over at Off-Tackle Empire and Bill Connelly's wrap-up. Another good summary is Chad's twitter reminder that the Carly Rae Jepsen hex is still alive.

Hey, at least you lost to a BCS team: Vandy fans over at Anchor of Gold on the other hand: not too thrilled with the team's performance against the Wildcats.

They be like yo Trai?: Trai Essex was cut by the Steelers, but he's now on the Indianapolis Colts. Stampede Blue suggests he might even start at left guard this week.

Good VanHNews: Nick VanHoose will be ready to go Saturday, reports Chris Emma.

The Bayless Equation: Spend all weekend tweeting about how your school is better than academics (lie, but only by a little bit) and likely to be better at football at some other school? Well, if your team loses, the law states your little brother has to open a chain restaurant at the other school's student center. Either that or the Monday announcement that Skip's brother Rick would open a branch of Frontera Fresco, the fast-food version of his famous Chicago Mexican spot Frontera Grill, at Norris was a complete coincidence. But that seems unlikely.

And your tweet of the day: Purple pride, purple pee.